Hotfuck Barghest Vs Goblin - Fate Grand Order Hotfuck

I go over and open it and pull out a rag and began to bath you and clean my little girl you before we leave ! then I bet a towel out of my bag and dry you off and kiss you ! We get dressed and head home and I ask If your going to do it again and You say Yes Daddy Ill do it again!

Get Home and your mom ask how it when and we say together were going back! Next time we are learning about power tools!. Find out more One day we were at home and I told your mom the you signed up for wood shop and I was going to take you and make sure that you were ok! I come and get you from your room and tell you the story and we head out!

When we get in the truck you ask what was up and I dont say anything! You ask again and I tell you that you have been a bad girl and Daddy has plans to punish you! Just me telling you that got my dick going !You keep asking what did I do Daddy what did I do!

Kat you know what you did! You say no I dont Daddy! And where are you taking me this is out in the woods!
Then you see a old horse barn In the middle of the woods just off the road.

Hentai: [Ankoman] Barghest vs Goblin (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [xinsu]

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[あんこまん]バーゲストvsゴブリン(Fate/Grand Order) [英訳]

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