Pale Divergence Blue - Durarara Scissoring

Gabby said: you’ve seen mine too!”

I corrected her “no you just teased me and only showed me your bra. I felt a jolt through my body and was completely content.

Hentai: (C78) [inumog (Fujino, Marumo)] Divergence Blue (Durarara!!) [English]

Divergence Blue 1Divergence Blue 2Divergence Blue 3Divergence Blue 4Divergence Blue 5Divergence Blue 6Divergence Blue 7Divergence Blue 8Divergence Blue 9Divergence Blue 10Divergence Blue 11Divergence Blue 12Divergence Blue 13Divergence Blue 14Divergence Blue 15Divergence Blue 16Divergence Blue 17Divergence Blue 18Divergence Blue 19Divergence Blue 20Divergence Blue 21Divergence Blue 22Divergence Blue 23Divergence Blue 24Divergence Blue 25Divergence Blue 26Divergence Blue 27Divergence Blue 28Divergence Blue 29Divergence Blue 30Divergence Blue 31Divergence Blue 32Divergence Blue 33Divergence Blue 34Divergence Blue 35Divergence Blue 36Divergence Blue 37Divergence Blue 38

(C78) [inumog (フジノ、まるも)]ダイバージェンスブルー(デュラララ!!) [英訳]

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