[Don.Agyoku] Oppai Ga Ookiku Naru Hanashi [English] {Brolen}

I was going back and forth between Julies pussy and ass, she tasted so good, when I felt a hand slap my ass and Sam saying your turn, I was on my knees whit my head bent down and my ass in the air as Sam pushed my ass open fingering my cunt, first one then two and three until he had four fingers deep in my wet cunt and his thumb rubbing my ass hole I took one long lick on Julies ass and started to blow on it, Sam pulled his fingers out and moved me so I could suck on Julies big nipples and kiss her, I felt the head of Sam’s cock enter my waiting cunt, he pushed in to me as I rocked back on to him taking his big fat 9 inched black cock all the way in to me his balls slamming against me as he slapped my ass and pounded his cock into me as he exploded deep in my womb my husband let out a low grunt and thrust upward into Julie as he emptied his load into her, the four of us tried not to move for a while when Sam pulled his cock out with a pop it came out of my cunt, Julie laid on top of my husband as Sam and I stood up I took his hand and he followed me to the bathroom, I said I’ll clean you up big boy’

Sam and I stepped into the shower under the cooling water, I took the soap and started to wash his chest and rinse it I took one of his nipples in my mouth and sucked it flicking it with my tongue, I took his massive cock in my hand and washed it off, stroking it , then his back and ass I ran my finger over his rectum also Sam played with my ass, tits and pussy, we got out of the shower and dried each other off we walked into the room and saw Julie sucking my husband’s cock she pulled it out and said it was their turn in the shower, Sam and I made our selves drinks and sat out on the patio of our room naked, I moved my chair close to him and put my head on his shoulder as I stroked his cock until the others came out and joined us Julie looked at my husband and said she wanted to see Sam fuck my fat white ass I looked at him and asked if he wanted to, that big smile and white teeth lite up the night I said okay after our drinks, but be gentle I have never had anything that big up my ass before (witch was a lie) after our drinks we stood up my husband took my arm and bent me over the table, he looked at Julie and said I had some KY jelly in my cosmetic bag she returned with it and my husband pulled my ass open as Julie applied the KY to me and Sam’s cock, I felt the head push in, then his shaft, I have been ass fucked before but Sam’s cock felt like it was ripping me open , Sam got his cock deep in my ass , grabbed my hips and started to pump as my husband tool photos. (C96) [Chocolate Land (kakao)] Koakuma Setsuko No… .

Hentai: [Don.Agyoku] Oppai ga Ookiku Naru Hanashi [English] {Brolen}

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