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The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, “Okay ladies, let's quiet down and get ready for business!!!” The twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Teddi to start the meeting! “It looks like were all here,” she began while surveying the crowd, “I guess everybody has the “itch” today!!!” A titter of laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Teddi quickly asked for order and continued on, “As usual, we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I'm sure that you'll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat for all of us tonight!!!” Everyone's interest was piqued when Teddi mentioned a “special treat”, and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women!!! “As you probably all know,” Teddi added, “that Katie has missed quite a few sessions do to her pregnancy, but I'm happy to announce that even though she's seven months along, she's with us tonight and will be actively participating with the rest of the group!!!” While Teddi asked Katie to stand up and take a bow, everyone broke into a round of applause and cheered the young mother to be!!! Several of the women gathered around Katie, shaking her hand and kissing her on the cheek with congratulations, but it didn't take long until one forty year old housewife took one of Katie's hard dark nipples into her mouth and began nursing like baby!!! “Oh, my,” Katie said with a sigh, “that feels so nice, lately I've had an unbelievable urge to breast feed, it's incredible!!!” The women helped Katie to the couch where upon her other nipple was gobbled up by another club member!!! It was a very sensual sight to be sure, with the young pregnant woman contentedly nursing two older females who were of course masturbating at the same time!!! “Katie,” one of the onlookers asked, “may I suck your vagina for you, it's absolutely dripping!?!” In a very shallow voice Katie gasped, “P-please, yes, suck my pussy, oh, god I need it so badly!!!” The thin blonde quickly took her place between Katie's open thighs and rested her mouth against the furry opening!!! Upon contact, Katie involuntarily sucked in her breath and moaned loudly, begging the blonde to do her clitoris, and that of course, is exactly what she did!!!”

The loud groans coming deep from within Katie's chest filled the room with sexual excitement, while the rest of the women not involved in the action sat quietly twisting their nipples and fingering their hot wet cunts!!! Soon it wasn't only Katie's moans that were filling the air, as a chorus of sighs and grunts reverberated off the walls when an orgasm would overtake one of the turned on masturbaters!!! One fifty year old matron furiously frigged her hot cunt while staring intently at the two women sucking on Katie's fat nipples and moaned “God, that looks so fucking good,” she panted, as her finger fairly flew over her hard clit, “her tits are so full and heavy, unbelievable, just unbelievable!!!” The woman sitting next to her, who was also nearing her own shattering climax, said through gritted teeth, “Y-yes, she is so fucking hot, look at how much she loves getting her pussy sucked!!!” The two women gave each other a quick look and nod of agreement, but then, almost in unison, their pussies lurched as crushing climaxes wrenched the juice right out of their quivering cunt lips!!!

Katie was now caught in a vortex of sexual tension, with her nipples being nipped and nursed on, while her cunt was being devoured by the cute little blonde!!! With her head spinning, one of the women sitting close to her, began asking very arousing intimate questions about her sex life!!! “Katie,” the woman asked softly, “do you remember the day you got pregnant?!?” “Y-yes,”she stammered, “I remember it, why?!?” “Hmmmmm, I just wondered if you had a hard orgasm when your husband fucked you,” the woman asked calmly?!?” “Oh, yes,” Katie moaned, “I came like a rocket, Jim fucked me from the back and it was so goooooood!!!” “Did you suck him that night,” the woman pressed on?!? “Always,” Katie panted, “I always suck his cock!!!” “Does Jim have a large penis,” she asked seriously?!? “V-very big,” Katie said between breaths, “he has a really big cock!!!” “How often does he fuck you, dear,” the lady asked sweetly?!? “Almost every day,” Katie gasped, “he has a very high sex drive, he's hard all of the time, and needs sexual relief constantly!!!” “Since you've been pregnant, does he like sucking on your nipples???” “Jesus, I'm hot,” Katie said thickly, “and yes, he loves sucking on my nipples, he can't wait until I can give him some real milk!!!” “Katie,” the woman continued on, “are you ready to have an orgasm, you seem to be having trouble concentrating on my questions!?!” “I-I'm so close,” Katie stammered, “just a little more pressure on my clit and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, I'm fucking cumming in her mouth, it feels so good to get eaten, and my pussy is absolutely exploding!!!”

Katie wasn't the only one having a a climax at that moment, because all around the room fingers were literally flying over distended clits and cunt lips!!! Hearing seven or eight women cumming at the same time was one of the most erotic things any of them had ever experienced, and just hearing the moaning of other females induced others into having orgasms of their own!!! It was quite a scene, twelve women, totally drained, and collapsing like so many limp dish rags all around the room!!! After everyone had seemed to have recovered from the shock of such a hard climax, Teddi hopped to her feet and announced, “Don't get too comfortable girls, because the main event is still to come, so without further or do, I introduce our feature attraction, Zak!!!

After having just had their pussies devastated by such brutal climaxes, most of the women were still numb and not yet quite ready for action, this however, was a very short lived situation, as when they saw the handsome young man, prance naked into their midst, with a huge erection, well, you could almost hear twelve pussies beginning to drip like a leaky faucet!!! Working his way through the crowd, Zak gave each woman a chance to feel his hardon, and if they chose to do so, give it a short quick suck!!! Usually what happened, after everyone had gotten a chance to sample the wares so to speak, one of the women would take it upon herself to orally satisfy the young man while everyone else sat and masturbated while watching the show, much as they had done with Katie!!! There was usually some verbal give and take between the young man and the women, and tonight was no exception as one of the older woman asked, “How big is your cock!?!” “Uh, about eight and a half inches,” he replied softly! “Mmmmm, nice,” the woman replied, “do you have a girl friend?!?” “Yeah, a pretty steady one,” he answered quickly! “Does she suck you off,” she pressed, while letting her fingers burrow deep into her slit!?! “She sucks me to completion, if that's what you're asking,” he said while fisting his hard member! “How often do you fuck her,” another woman with glassy eyes asked?!? “Oh, it varies,” he replied thoughtfully, “two or three times a week, I'd guess, it just depends!” “Would you consider her a cock hound,” a fiftyish blonde asked?!? He chuckled at that one and replied, “Well, she loves my cock, but I wouldn't call her a cock hound, she's a beautiful girl who happens to love to fuck,” and then kiddingly he asked the blonde, “would you consider yourself a cock hound!?!” Before the blonde could answer, “Teddi chimed in, “Doris is definitely a cock hound, always has been, always will be!!!” The room regaled with laughter at that Teddi's little barb, but Doris shot right back, “Hell yes, I'm a cock hound, just like every other cock hungry bitch in this room!!!” That brought another chuckle from the crowd, after which everything turned a little more serious as the women began to frig their cunts in earnest!!!

After several minutes of quiet self abuse, Zak asked softly, “Are you “cock hounds” ready to see me shoot my load!?!” Throughout the room their was a chorus of “yeses” and “do its”, as the women stared at the thick stump sticking out from the crotch of the handsome young man!!! “Okay, ladies,” he replied, “watch Zak do his fuck pole for you!!!” Turning now to face his wide eyed audience, the young man with bleach blonde hair turned his hand into a blur as he powered his fist up and down the length of his thick satisfier!!! Soft sighs and moans from around the room grew in a crescendo as they raced each other to another stunning climax!!! Just seconds before his orgasm hit, Zak calmly asked, “Who wants a face full of my jism!?!” Two ladies scrambled in front of him just in time so that each of them took at least two good shots of cum directly into their faces and open mouths, with the rest spurting softly onto their heaving breasts!!! Again, letting their fingers do the “walking”, the whole group erupted in a mutual orgasms that shook the room to its very foundation!!!

Twenty minutes later as everyone was preparing to leave, Teddi announced, “Next week, we have a twenty year old coed as our main attraction, let's everyone be here on time!!!”


Hentai: QQueen – Miku Nun

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