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Louis, Betty Sue and I have been doing a lot more soft kissing, and it's been wonderful!!! Lips together, nipples touching, and a finger in a vagina, I call that heaven!!! Both of us have firm but very pliable breasts, so when we press them together the sensation is incredible!!! I just love seeing Betty Sue walking without her bra on, c-cup and not a hint of sag, just a nice little bounce that makes me so wet, and I think that only another female can appreciate how nice it is to feel your boobs jiggle when you walk!!! We watched television and fingered each other to three or four orgasms each, while also taking turns licking and sucking each others breasts!!! Well, it's time to close off now, I have the bestest roomie in the whole wide world, and I think I hear her calling me to bed right now, sorry diary, I can't miss that, good by!!!

THE END. Ardmore collared us and asked if we'd please come into her apartment!!! I didn't think anything about it, and said sure, but when we got inside we were in for a really big surprise!!! She was really quiet at first, kinda like she had something to say but didn't know quite how to say it, but after a little bit of hesitation she told us that Della was out of town for the weekend and was desperate!!! Sean of course had no idea what she was babbling about, but I knew right away she wanted to be sucked by me and fucked by Sean!!! I whispered to Sean and after hearing me out, he shrugged his shoulders and said okay!!! The very grateful old lady pulled up her dress and sat down with her legs spread wide apart, exposing an even hairier pussy than I remembered!!! Her pungent odor reeked of stale sex, and I could feel my vagina dampen at the thought of putting my mouth on her!!! From the moment I started licking her I could tell she was different!!! It was her clit, diary, it was just huge!!! I flicked my tongue over it and got an immediate response, as her whole body jerked a little with each stroke!!! I asked her if she had always been like that and she said ever since she was a little girl, so consequently she was constantly in need of oral relief!!! Della had known about her problem for the past two years, and gladly had taken on the responsibility of keeping her clitoris satisfied, but since she was gone for the weekend, she was going out of her mind with lust!!! It was almost like sucking a little cock, and when she came, it whipped her into such a frenzy I thought she might actually pass out!!! Anyway, as soon as I was done, Sean took my place between her thighs and with one hard thrust, buried his cock meat deep inside of her!!! She came again before he even had a chance to reload his dick, and for the next five minutes she was getting off faster and harder than any woman I had ever seen!!! By the time Sean was ready to shoot, she was already half out of it, so I jumped in and took him into my mouth and let him ejaculate into my hungry mouth!!! Let me tell you, that boy cums in buckets!!! We never did get out of the house that night, we stayed in Mrs.

Hentai: [Yoshino (Kikuduki Taro)] Sae-chan to, Boku [Digital]

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[吉野 (菊月太朗)]冴ちゃんと、僕[DL版]

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